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 In the heart of Chiswick there is a banker with a heart! No offence bankers! Only in her early thirties, this ex J P Morgan employee probably had plenty more years in her as a go-getting feisty high-earning money-grabbing city girl.

Instead she has noticed a business opportunity that is socially highly praiseworthy and she appears to be making a success of it.

Having a great business idea is one thing, but pushing it though, implementing it, raising the capital, risking your own capital, putting in the hours is another story. Kelly Klein clearly has the drive for these things, and she was a wonderful host at the High Road House recently when she hosted this media event to promote Student@Home.

Sadly IT graduates are among those who are having the most trouble getting work in this difficult employment market. Meanwhile there are a lot of people who are still struggling to come to terms with the digital world. Many retired people still probably think that they are too late for the Internet, Email, surfing the web, browsing, online chatting. But sorry , if they are waiting for their kids to write them a letter they are waiting in vain. As Frank Sinatra once sang, they might as well sit right down and write themselves a letter! So they need to get on line whether they like it or not. Student@home are there to support them!

In 2002 my mother waited in vain for me to send her a card from Australia. I couldn’t be bothered. I picked up the phone. It didn’t cost much. Not the way she remembered it. Crikey! When I was a child, phoning the Swedish grandparents on Christmas day was a five minute exercise that cost about 50 quid in today’s money. And four bothers and two parents only had time to say “Happy Christmas grandma, thanks for the present, lots of love , goodbye”! Well I don’t know what Dad said to his mother-in-law. Probably something completely different! Anyway times have changed!

A computer novice might just want help navigating round a website like eBay, and let’s face it some websites make navigation a lot easier than others, intentionally or otherwise perhaps.

Student@home brings together unemployed IT graduates with IT phobics , probably at the fairest price yet seen.

It’s a great idea and I take my hat off to Kelly and her team and wish them every success in this eminently socially conscious scheme (for which I believe she already has many plaudits). This article is only a personal tip of the iceberg piece. Therefore Please check out the website . It’s only a click away, and if it isn’t only a click away, you definitely need to call 0844 880 2584 now!

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