RBS Group and MyKindaCrowd announce winners of Enterprise ideas competition

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group has today announced the winners of their first successful enterprise competition held in partnership with MyKindaCrowd. The competition was split into two categories, under 18s and over 18s, and was a huge success with over 500 applicants submitting ideas on what RBS, Government, society or any other organisation could do to improve the success of young entrepreneurs.

The winners are Benjamin Jacob, 14, from Surrey and Chris Eliadis, 18, from Kent, who both came up with original ideas for how RBS could better engage with young entrepreneurs.  Both were credited for their inventive approach and engaging presentation style.

The top 10 finalist received an invitation to London yesterday to take part in a half day pitching master-class, before practicing their new skills and pitching to a panel of senior RBS decision makers. After this, the two winners were announced, and their prize was the choice of either an executive business suit or a brand new iPad.

Ideas ranged from skill and knowledge building, to mentoring, to workshops and social media engagement. However, in the end, the two winning ideas were an interactive video conferencing channel with inspiring business people (Benjamin) and a business trialing service that would match start-up companies with larger corporates in the same market as them, for an initial business meeting and advice on how to grow their brand or product

The competition is part of RBS Inspiring Enterprise, which is an umbrella for all the activity across RBS that encourages more people in more communities to explore enterprise, build their skills, start up and succeed in business. RBS is undertaking research, hosting workshops and creating a network of organisations and partners across the UK, so we can better understand and support the needs of those starting out in business.

The full list of finalists are;

Over 18s

Chris Eliadis, 18, Kent University (Winner)

John Jest, 24, London Metropolitan University

Ville Voutilainen, 23, London Metropolitan University

Hannah Degraft, 27, London Metropolitan University

Ryan England, 21, Kent University

Under 18s

Benjamin Jacob, 14, Wilson???s School, Surrey (Winner)

Kira Meredith, 16, Grays Convent High School, Essex

Alyx Colman, 16, Longfield Academy of Sport, Darlington

Verity Thomas, 16, James Allen’s Girls’ School, London

Tiffany Nelson, 17, Havering Sixth Form, Essex

Thom Kenrick, RBS Group said; ???We were delighted to have such a large number of applications to this competition.  It just goes to show how engaged young people are in enterprise and business. There was a huge variety of ideas and innovation in the applications, which made narrowing it down to ten finalists very difficult. However, in the end we chose ideas that had a spark of originality and something a little bit different in them.

???All the finalist???s presentations were impressive, but in the end we felt Benjamin and Chris had the edge as their ideas were very well developed and thought through, and their presentation style was very engaging.???

Will Akerman, MyKindaCrowd, added; ???I???m inspired by the ideas submitted by diverse students from across the UK. I???m also delighted that so many teachers and lecturers used the RBS challenge within lesson time. This has offered young people the chance to reflect and contribute innovative ideas on how to improve the chances of entrepreneurial success???.

For more information on MyKindaCrowd, please visit www.mykindacrowd.com

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