Prime Minister Praises FranchisingWorks

David Cameron launched Big Society Capital (BSC), the world???s first social investment bank, at the London Stock Exchange earlier this month.

In his speech, the Prime Minister commended FranchisingWorks as a ???brilliant idea??? and highlighted the potential of our unique Licence Fund to help hundreds of people to start up a franchise business. FranchisingWorks is one of Big Society Capital???s first investees.

???Big Society Capital is going to help strengthen the new social investment market. It is going to put financial muscle behind good things that are happening and it is going to help them to grow. It is about backing social enterprises, like, for instance, FranchisingWorks.

They had the brilliant idea of getting people who had been out of work for years to start up their own franchises, giving them a stake back in our economy. The stumbling block was capital. Their dreams were bigger than their budgets, which is often the case. Now, with a million pound investment from the Big Society investment fund they have the means to help hundreds of people in Manchester to start their own franchise in the next few years.???

FranchisingWorks??? Director Patrick Shine was also interviewed on BBC News the same morning.

Click here to see the full transcript and video of David Cameron???s Big Society Capital launch speech and the full BBC News interview.

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