My Time pioneer online innovation in collaboration with local commissioners

My Time CIC has launched two virtual children centres in North Worcestershire which deliver counselling for parents in the face of public service cuts.  The online centres, which My Time are contracted to deliver for three years, are the result of pro-active relationship building between My Time and commissioners in Worcestershire County Council. 

My Time founder, Michael Lilley, credits their relationship with the commissioner as being key to My Time winning the contract.   Through monthly newsletters to commissioners and high profile roundtable discussions supported by Deloitte, My Time has reached beyond the consultation mentality and brokered meaningful relationships with commissioners, promising concrete outcomes that both cut costs and widen access to services.  My Time is breaking new ground both in spite and because of the difficulties of operating in a health and social sector subject to cuts and reform.

The online children’s centres, which are amongst the first of their kind in the UK, lends parents access to counselling information, giving users who would not otherwise be able to get into local children centres, practical help and signposting.  The online centres deliver much-needed data to Worcestershire County Council but also allow users to access the site access anonymously, an especially important factor for those experiencing domestic violence. 

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