Celebs back ethical clothing firms Save the Bees t-shirt

By Emma Philo, Tue, 16 July 2013

A number of celebrities have joined Isle of Wight eco-fashion label Rapanui and the Environmental Justice Foundation to raise awareness of the plight of bees.

The Sandown-based clothing company has launched a limited edition t-shirt to hightlight the insects cause, with proceeds going to the Save the Bees campaign, run by EJF and PAN UK.There are concerns that declining bees numbers could adversely affect the human population, because replicating pollination could cost billions of pounds and stretch food supplies.The bees campaign t-shirt has been supported by a host of celebrities including chef Ainsley Harriott and photographed on Lock Stock actor Jason Flemyng.

Celebs back ethical clothing firm's Save the Bees t-shirt

Rob Drake-Knight Co-Founder of Rapanui said: “This project between Rapanui and EJF gives us the opportunity to create a t-shirt for an important cause. Its vital for us to make it aware to the world that many of the foods in the shop would simply not exist without bees. Its not just honey that leaves the shops; more than 71 of our top 100 crops are pollinated by bees.”

A total of £5 from the sale of every t-shirt will go to the EJF campaign.

via Celebs back ethical clothing firms Save the Bees t-shirt.

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