Bulky Bob’s launches business collections

Bulky Bobs

Bulky Bob’s launches business collections

21 Jun 2012, 11:00

Liverpool’s much-copied social enterprise for furniturerecycling is to expand into the commercial sector after 24 years ofdomestic work.

Merseyside businesses can now use Bulky Bob’s to collectunwanted office items for a minimum charge of ??35. If a largeremoval is required or there are specialist items to collect, BulkyBob’s will provide an overall quote following a pre-inspection.Any small electrical items, such as kettles, toasters, ormicrowaves will be collected at no extra cost along with othergoods.

Bulky Bob’s began in 1988 as the Furniture Resource Centreand is now part of the FRC Group which turned over ??5m in 2010and employed 66 permanent staff. As well as collection andrestoration, FRC operates shops reselling restored furniture andruns training programmes in Liverpool and Oldham on behalf of localauthorities. Any profit goes back into training and employingpeople struggling in poverty and unemployment to offer theopportunity to change their lives.

Shaun Doran, chief executive of Bulky Bob’s, said: “Weare very excited about this new venture for Bulky Bob’s. Webelieve there has been a real gap in the market for businesses toget rid of unwanted items in an affordable and sustainable way.

“By offering a reliable and efficient service, for theright price, we offer Merseyside businesses a sustainablealternative while giving us the opportunity to provide moretraining opportunities and divert more items fromlandfill.”

Bulky Bob’s collects a wide range of bulky household wastefrom over 50,000 Liverpool homes for free every year, withcollections booked through Liverpool Direct, Liverpool CityCouncil’s telephone and online service. Bulky Bob’s reusesor recycles 70% of the weight of everything collected. Theorganisation works with Liverpool City Council’s children’sservices department to help families in crisis access urgently needfurniture for free. Approximately 30 families each month areassisted with free furniture packages.

All the furniture collected is assessed to see if it can bereused, and repaired where necessary, then sent to Bulky Bob’sFurniture World store on London Road. All furniture sent there,from settees to wardrobes, is sold at a low price with 79% ofcustomers from families on low incomes and serving nearly 3,500customers in 2009/10.

To book a Bulky Bob’s business collection call 0151 702 0556or email businesscollections@bulkybobs.co.uk




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