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We’re looking for another 20 outstanding social entrepreneurs who are committed to scaling up their social impact. The programme supports ambitious, ‘high potential’ social entrepreneurs to raise investment and rapidly grow their ventures by building a compelling growth story, finding investors, making strategic connections and supporting the entrepreneur during the journey. We are calling for […]

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Speaking in tongues: social investment’s big language problem

In this guest post, Big Venture Challenge lead David Bartram explains why he thinks language is the biggest obstacle when it comes to getting social investment. Social investment is growing. The amount of investment offered by social investors, with the explicit primary intention of generating social returns, is currently sized at just over £200m, while 89% of […]

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Civic crowdfunding: Breaking ground | Spacehive in The Economist

NAMES, wedding dates and declarations of love cover the Luchtsingel, a new pedestrian walkway straddling a busy main road in central Rotterdam, a Dutch city. Asked by a website to help fund the project, locals paid €25 ($32) each for the right to etch a message on one of its 17,000 wooden planks.

The walkway’s length, they were warned, depended on the volume of donations. Within three months do-gooders had stumped up a third of the cash needed to build its full 350-metre span (a government award has since topped that up). Had they left council bean-counters to plan it, says Kristian Koreman, its architect, Rotterdam’s residents might have waited two decades to get their bridge off the ground.

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BBC Radio 4 Features Patients Know Best in Segment on Patient Control | Patients Know Best blog

Patients Know Best was recently featured on You and Yours, Radio 4′s consumer affairs programme. The segment began with Jason Murtagh, a patient with a complex condition who uses PKB to manage his care, describing how PKB software helps him link up his care team and communicate with them about his condition.This was followed by […]

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Expansion boost given to Ripplez to help teenage parents

Expansion boost given to help teenage parents Written byHELEN KREFT FIRST time teenage parents in East Staffordshire will now be offered more intensive support from specially trained family nurses. Ripplez, a local social enterprise, launched the extension of its Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme at Queens Street Community Centre, Burton, through a meet and greet […]

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Patient Choice on BBC News – Medical companies waste money on needless equipment

Medical companies ‘waste money’ on needless equipment By Lydia ThomasYou and Yours, Radio 4 There has been a huge growth in prescribing accessories to stoma patients NHS patients who have had colostomies are being sent unwanted medical equipment, an investigation by Radio 4′s You and Yours has found. It revealed that some suppliers delivered unneeded […]

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