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Big Capital Society is showing how successful social investment can be | Nick O’Donohoe | Society | The Guardian

It’s not our name that matters, but how £150m from dormant bank accounts is helping charities Nick O’Donohoe The Guardian, Wednesday 30 April 2014 We at Big Society Capital may be almost the last people still using the “big society” banner. Big Society Capital was set up as an independent finanical institution two years ago to connect charities […]

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Ex-head teacher strict on social business survival | Pioneers Post

Comment / 14.03.14 Isabelle de Grave You don’t get many head teachers turned social entrepreneurs, but when you do they take a strict approach to business survival. “In the public sector you’re constantly waiting for permission, but in business you just get on and do it,” Gill Walker, former head teacher, now chief executive of Patchwork People told me. When […]

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Budget 2014: ‘Jobs market needs more senior part-time roles for Britain to thrive’ – Telegraph

As George Osborne promises stimulus for long-term recovery, Emma Stewart urges employers to use this as an opportunity boost the number of good quality, flexible jobs on offer. It’s quality over quantity. By Emma Stewart, Co-founder, Timewise Foundation Part time workers account for a minority of top level jobs 6.6 per cent of chief executives […]

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